• Holistically, we take a faith-based approach in assisting ex-offenders returning to their communities as world changers.

  • Spiritual support starts through our network of churches where help in the form of prayer, practical help, Bible Study, amongst other methods to guide clients along their journey.

  • Access to a professional team of mentors, dedicated to reshaping their lives and changing the narrative.


  • As a constitutional right and foundation for rehabilitation, we aim to provide the knowledge and skills required for employment and self-employment through entrepreneurial activities. 

  • Our educational programs focuses on developing the confidence needed to compete in today’s dynamic workforce.  


  • Unemployment and lack of skills are identified as contributing factors to recidivism. 

  • We assist ex-offenders in the area of skill assessment, coaching, and work placement.

  • Help with resume creation and interviewing skills to workplace ethics and attire.


  • Reentry can be directly correlated to the living environment, which can determine failure or success for ex-offenders.

  • In an effort to ensure successful reentry, we partner with local shelters, transitional housing programs as well as local housing authorities.

  • We offer a six month needs based program to support ex-offenders reintegrate back into society.


  • Being aware of the adverse effects of imprisonment on an individual and their families, we offer support to heal wounds.

  • Identify family strengths and deficiencies through a holistic approach and multisystemic therapy.

  • Through counselling and therapy, issues of anger and feelings of guilt, sadness and fear are addressed to bring about reconciliation in family units.


  • Ex-offenders are assisted in gaining access to health care to maintain both mental and physical well being. 

  • Encourage ex-offenders to incorporate health education and awareness training as part of their re entry goals.

Personal development and preventative program