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The Sam-Loughnane Halfway House for women opened on 23 March 2022.
We do not currently receive any governmental subsidies towards the running of our Halfway House and are therefore completely reliant on donations to keep the doors to the Sam- Lougnane house open.
While Clean Slate is fortunate to have partnerships with several partners who donate towards the extensive work that we do every year, there are always essential operating costs for the Sam-Loughnane House such as utilities, groceries, toiletries and stationery that we struggle to cover from month to month.

This Is Where Our Adopt-A-Bed Campaign And YOU Come In...
Whether you are looking to Adopt-a-Bed as a company, a church or as an individual, your monthly donations will go directly towards helping us to provide the very best care and empowerment to our clients so that they in turn, have the very best chance of returning home to their families and leading full and productive lives.
The costs associated with running each bed in the Sam-Loughnane house include our clients’
meals, toiletries, transport costs to and fro courses and counseling as well as as the unit’s staffing costs, utility bills, and maintenance costs.

How Do I Adopt-a-Bed?
If you are interested in supporting our Adopt-a-Bed Campaign and can commit to a monthly donation of R800 per month, we would love to hear from you.
How will my Adopt-a-Bed donations be spent?
For every R800  donation received towards our Adopt-a-Bed campaign:
R400 will be used towards the monthly running costs of our Sam-Loughnane House including utilities, maintenance and rates.
R260 is used for our clients training costs, which are inclusive of transport costs
R140 will be used towards house mother's training and development to ensure that she can continually provide the best care to our clients.
Please contact our team via Whatsapp on +27 81 405 3253 or via email at
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